There are many ways of killing a dream

You can tie it
To heavy boulders of reality
Push it down the Ark
And watch it drown down the sea of despair

Or you can take a dagger
Tempered over fire
Fueled by unrealistic expectations
And stab right through its breathing beating human heart

Or you may invite it to a buffet
With desires, aspirations, hope, longings and yearnings
And poison the dishes with oblivion

Or if it doth protest too much
Pick a shovel if need be and
Bury it alive silencing its screams

And yet if the dream lives on
Then let it live
For it already lives a life
Worse than death

— —

With apologies to Edwin Brock

This week the work mainly focussed on training and deploying the object detection model for images and videos. This blog aims to document how exactly this has been implemented and all the things that I learned during this phase. Firstly, we have a gentle introduction to the metrics associated with…

Okay. So, first things first.


Yes, I understand that the Google Summer of Code is not supposed to be a competition.

Yes, I know that just because hundreds of thousands of students across the globe apply for the program every year and only around a thousand are…

Love you like criminal loves clues
Love you like Hitler loved Jews

want you like ISIS wants peace
want you like EU wants Greece

love you like Trump loves immigrants
love you like Yogi loves Muslims

need you like Cherrapunji needs rain
need you like Python needs main()

love you like Egyptians love Ramos
love you like Gamora loved Thanos

miss you like India misses British
miss you like millennials miss Mukesh

If you are not Helen Keller
you can see what I did there

There’s only here
There’s only me
For everything’s
As frozen as can be

A blink of the eye
And everything will change
The world as we know it
Will turn strange

There’s only here
There’s only me
The present is
All that I can see

What’s in the past
I don’t care
To look into the future
I won’t dare

There’s only here
There’s only me
From dreams and nightmares
A mind that’s free

Closing my eyes to the stars
In the moonlight as I lay
Lost in the silence
With no words to say

Smile, as you cuddle the little baby whose chubby cheeks are as red as strawberry.

Stare at the spectacular sunset as the orange ball of fire send its fiery kiss to the night.

Sing along the golden canary perched on boughs of freedom. Songs of Laughter. Songs of…

Pulkit Mishra

I write peoms and code:)

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