Colours of Happiness

Pulkit Mishra
1 min readDec 20, 2017


Smile, as you cuddle the little baby whose chubby cheeks are as red as strawberry.

Stare at the spectacular sunset as the orange ball of fire send its fiery kiss to the night.

Sing along the golden canary perched on boughs of freedom. Songs of Laughter. Songs of Love. Songs of Life.

Share and spread the sweet fruit of your efforts and seeds of success like the green trees shading you from the summer sun.

Swirl and dance like the blue raindrops performing their ethereal ballet to the winds’ orchestrated cadence.

Speak against injustice borrowing strength from the Lord who dons the majestic purple robe.

And, yes, Travel.
Travel to places that remind you how beautiful life is. Places that kiss you like the sunlight on a winter morning, hold you tight in their winds and embrace your ingenuity. Travel, within yourself, unfurl your wings and unravel the depth. Soar as high as you can, nobody can hold you down. Go as far as you can, nobody can bring you back.

And as you do it make your life colourful, just like the rainbow — and spread happiness — again, like the rainbow.

Shine. Show. Spread the colours of happiness.