Killing A Dream

Pulkit Mishra
Jun 7, 2021


There are many ways of killing a dream

You can tie it
To heavy boulders of reality
Push it down the Ark
And watch it drown down the sea of despair

Or you can take a dagger
Tempered over fire
Fueled by unrealistic expectations
And stab right through its breathing beating human heart

Or you may invite it to a buffet
With desires, aspirations, hope, longings and yearnings
And poison the dishes with oblivion

Or if it doth protest too much
Pick a shovel if need be and
Bury it alive silencing its screams

And yet if the dream lives on
Then let it live
For it already lives a life
Worse than death

— —

With apologies to Edwin Brock



Pulkit Mishra

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